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Enjoying a Vacation Abroad at Universal Studios is Fun and Cost Effective

Bryson Layne December 21, 2015 Travel Comments Off on Enjoying a Vacation Abroad at Universal Studios is Fun and Cost Effective
Enjoying a Vacation Abroad at Universal Studios is Fun and Cost Effective

Going on holiday is fun, and one of the most fun parts about it is planning where to go. After all, the choices are endless – the beach, the mountains, or a dozen other outings are possible. When traveling abroad, many travellers choose to go to the United States and Florida, where numerous options are available that include beaches and theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios. Theme parks include a wide variety of things to do, like rides, entertainment, nightlife, and other themed attractions. Universal Studios, in particular, is becoming more and more popular for people wishing to go overseas for their holiday, mainly because it offers something for everyone.

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What Does Universal Studios Offer?

Universal Studios includes two theme parks, numerous restaurants, exciting entertainment, and many luxurious resort hotels. Based upon the most popular movie and television characters, Universal offers rides and attractions that fit everyone’s idea of a good time. Their attractions include:

  • Rides based on the characters of Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Despicable Me, and Shrek
  • Unique islands with attractions and rides based on the characters of Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter
  • The City Walk, which consists of fine and casual dining, shopping, miniature golf, movies, live music, and the famous Blue Man Group

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Everything at Universal Studios is catered to tourists, offering them dozens of options when it comes to eating, riding and enjoying entertainment. Visit Pat O’Brien’sfor a taste of New Orleans, enjoy a river adventure where you can get up close and personal with a T-rex, or visit the world’s largest Hard Rock Café®. Or, relax with some live music, then top off the evening with a dip in the pool or drinks at one of the many pubs located in the resort. Regardless of what your idea of relaxation is, you can find it at Universal Studios.

Tickets for Universal Studios include several packages, and the prices vary depending on how many of the parks you wish to attend. You can even visit all three nearby parks – Universal Studios, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and the Wet ’n Wild Orlando waterpark – for one convenient, reasonably-priced ticket. Moreover, finding tickets to Universal Studios is easy, because there are numerous travel companies that offer inexpensive packages that include park tickets, a luxurious resort hotel, and plane tickets abroad. Finding these companies ahead of time is recommended, as many British travellers are already booking trips to Universal Studios for 2016. When planning this type of vacation, there is no such thing as planning too far in advance.

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How to Find Travel Companies for Universal Studios

Travel companies are almost always found online. This is an excellent first step to planning your vacation, because it allows you to take your time and compare different travel packages. These websites give extensive details on the parks themselves, as well as packages, brochures that are downloadable online, refund information, payment options, and any other pertinent information. When planning a vacation overseas to Universal Studios, starting with one of these travel companies is an excellent first step to planning the ultimate vacation.

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