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Natural stone vs. manufactured countertops for your kitchen

Bryson Layne December 15, 2015 Home Comments Off on Natural stone vs. manufactured countertops for your kitchen
Natural stone vs. manufactured countertops for your kitchen

Homeowners are increasingly putting more emphasis on the style and quality of their kitchen countertops. While tiles and wood were perfectly acceptable as countertop materials a couple of decades ago, the availability and beauty of stone slabs are now becoming the preferred choice. However, a common dilemma among homeowners is deciding between natural stone such as granite and marble and manufactured stones such as quartz.


Natural and manufactured stone slabs cost almost the same per square foot. However, manufactured stone tends to be heavier, and cost a little more to install. On the other hand, most natural stone countertops need more maintenance because they are porous. In most instances, they need sealing at installation, and every one to three years after. In terms of costs, manufactured stone has the advantage. If you’re really looking to cut costs, check stores like Home Depot for deals and coupons.


Most people find natural stone more beautiful than manufactured stone. Each slab has a depth of color and unique patterns you will not find in manufactured stones. On the other hand, manufactured stones are easier to match because you can have it custom-made to match the rest of the house. Some people prefer manufactured stones for this reason. In terms of pure aesthetics, natural stone is the preferred material for the modern kitchen countertop.


Both natural and manufactured stones are durable. They can last for a long time if they are treated with reasonable care, which precludes applying a sledgehammer to the surface. In most cases, though, manufactured stone is non-reactive to chemicals, so it can last as long as natural stone without any special maintenance. On the other hand, direct sunlight does not affect the color of natural stone as it does the color of manufactured stone, which tends to fade. In terms of durability, both types of stone countertops make the grade.

Natural and manufactured stone are equally good options for beautiful kitchen countertops. Choosing one over the other will depend on personal preference.

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