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Active Components in Ginkgo Supplements

Bryson Layne September 9, 2016 Health Comments Off on Active Components in Ginkgo Supplements
Active Components in Ginkgo Supplements

Even in earlier days it was known that Ginkgo has many active components which are helpful to human body. But among them which are the key components behind Ginkgo’s popularity was unknown till recent years. Then many studies took place to standardize an extract of ginkgo which can be useful in many ailments.

The products which contain 6% of terpene lactones and 24% of glycosides are considered more potent and expected to yield desired results. If this is not the case then it cannot meet standards and can be considered less potent.  Even the dosages prescribed should follow the percentage of these active components terpene lactones and glycosides. If the percentage is less than the standard, then one can increase the dose to yield desired effects.

How it works:

The main components found in Ginkgo Baloba include bilobalides, flavonoids, ginkgolides. These are the reason for Ginkgo has capacity to enhance the flow in human body. Throughout the brain and body it can enhance the flow of oxygen rich blood.

The component ginkgolide B helps in protecting blood vessels from excessive clotting. Along with this, it works with platelet-busting prostacyclin to keep the walls of the blood vessel intact. These are the reason behind healthy pumping of blood to the brain tissues. So this results in healthy growth of connections and neural structure.

Ginkgo has one more property which helps in protecting level of acetylcholine in the brain. This is a neurotransmitter which is the reason behind highly adaptable and healthy mental environment in humans. It is also responsible for enhancing reasoning abilities and formation of new memories in the brain.

Ginkgo can regulate the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. This results in enhanced perception of thoughts, increased mental energy and concentration. It does this by inhibiting monoamine oxidize or MAO chemicals. These are actually responsible for causing depression in humans since they can siphon off some really important hormones, as revealed in research studies.


The key behind Ginkgo Biloba’s benefits is its property to improve circulation in the body. This one capacity is more than enough to improve concentration, enhance memory, mental feeling of alertness, and to save the brain from cerebrovascular insufficiency.

It is very effective in eliminating headaches. It can protect the body from risks of stroke. It even works similar to caffeine in enhancing mood and energy levels. Ginkgo has the property to fight against fungal and bacterial infections. The inflammation found in nasal passages, bronchial tubes and ear canals can be reduced using Ginkgo. From many years it is in use to treat many ailments including small aches, many types of illness and pains. But today’s medicinal industry is focusing mainly on Ginkgo’s use as a brain supplement to improve alertness and cognition.

Side effects:

There are some mild effects caused by Ginkgo. But they are non-significant against its benefits. Some may experience rapid heartbeat, nausea and headaches when this supplement is used. This is due to its stimulating property. But the side effects are usually tolerable. Many of the individuals who intake this supplement not even experience these mild side effects.

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