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Three Unexpected Financial Tips for Building that Nest Egg

Bryson Layne February 17, 2017 Business Comments Off on Three Unexpected Financial Tips for Building that Nest Egg
Three Unexpected Financial Tips for Building that Nest Egg

We would all love to have more money, that is almost a given. But as you grow up, have a family and see the future before you, that goes from a wish to a necessity. Yes, we all know the basics. You need to save more, spend less and put something aside for a rainy day.

But that is easier said than done and even if you do it often isn’t enough. If you feel that you cannot find a way to put more aside, there are some other things you can do to help feather that little nest egg for the future. If you have time, and are willing to do the work, here are three things you should be considering right now.

Get Educated – Read About Finance

The truth is that most of us have very little idea of how the financial world works, let alone how to swim in those shark infested waters. But there are some great books out there and even some online seminars that can teach you so you understand your options. Getting you head around how banks work, why an IRA is made the way it is and how a financial advisor arrives at his or her advice is a good start.

We live in an age where information is just a click away; we should all take advantage of it. So, put down that bodice ripper, put away the television remote and start honing up on the world of finance. You may find it more interesting than you thought.

Invest in Real Values – Precious Metals

Most of us would never consider the option to buy silver or gold as an investment, but it is actually a smart venture. There is only so much of it, it is always in demand for both industry and in jewelry and right now it is rising in value. The truth is that diversifying your investment portfolio with some investment in gold or silver is a smart move, since we never know how the market will act.

If you stop to think that most big-time investors have a portion of their investment in this, you know that you are onto something smart. It might seem a bit too much like being a survivalist, but you don’t go out and actually buy bars of metal, it is all in the form of shares. So, look it up, learn about it, and you will find it a good investment.

Increase Your Earnings – Ask for More

Okay, I know what you are thinking. If I ask for a raise I may just instead be shown the door. But the truth is that most successful people are the ones who ask for what they want. Look at what you do at work, make notes on what you contribute above and beyond the basics, and submit it as a reason you should be promoted.

It may not happen right away, but by making them aware that you have the potential for more they just may start to think of you as someone to hang onto or the competition will walk away with you. And while you are at it, you just might want to check out the competing businesses to see if they need someone with your talent.

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